Top Shelf Products Start From the Ground Up

bottles and fruits in a table

The Essential Oils used in Raindrop Technique at Ezcape Spa and Wellness are therapeutic grade top-shelf oils. Literally, you’ll find these essential oils on the top shelf in our wellness side display case. However, top-shelf also means highest-quality. Restaurants and bars normally carry top-shelf products. They are the ones that the bartender needs to reach up to get the…

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No Quick Fixes!

weighing scale

When working with clients who suffer from chronic health issues, one of the first thing I clarify with them, is the element of time. These health issues didn’t just happen suddenly, they appeared over time, symptoms may have come and gone, or gradually gotten worse. In today’s world we are often so ‘busy’ that we forget…

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Sleepy September

sleeping woman in a sofa

I really love September, it’s that time of year when things start to happen, kids go back to school, the leaves start changing colours and we can get back into some sort of routine. As much as I love the relaxed feeling that summer brings, I’m also very ready to have a certain structure to…

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Lead by Example

a man and a dog

As parents, families and friends, I think one of the most powerful things we can do, regarding nutrition and life in general, is lead by example. As some of you may know, I’m from the UK and love my tea! However, it’s been years since I’ve had sugar in my tea ( the last time I…

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Warming Up Winter

hand holding a cup

During the cold winter months, when the days are short, I find that we are often looking forward to being warm and dry, especially if we have been out skiing, skating or partaking in all the different activities Ottawa has to offer. However, what we often tend to forget, is to drink enough during the…

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Healthy Fats and a Healthy You

avocado in a pink background

I’ve noticed with time and working with various clients and talking with friends, that unfortunately the notion that fat is not really good for you, is still lingering out there! So I thought I would just share a few reasons why it is SO important to include healthy fats in your diet. I remember during the 80’s fat became the…

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