Healing from the Inside Out

At Ezcape Spa & Wellness, our team of practitioners is passionate about helping clients achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. Our mission is to work with you to improve your health, well-being, and quality of life. Our goal is not to replace your primary care physician and specialists but to complement your care by providing you with lifestyle and educational support and empowering you to learn about and manage your symptoms more efficiently and effectively. We provide a relaxing, nurturing environment where you can unwind, explore options, and make choices that have a positive impact in all areas of your life.

Registered Acupuncturist, R.Ac.

Carine Chalut

Carine believes that most people benefit from using various of modalities during acupuncture sessions, such as cupping, needling, and gua sha, this allows her to promote healing in clients as well as a feeling of well-being after each treatment.

Her areas of interest include but are not limited to, women's health, looking at fertility, pregnancy, post partum to menopause. She also works with, mental health and addictions issues, as well as facial rejuvenation.

Carine also offers sessions for children treating a variety of issues with pain free laser acupuncture, cupping, gua sha and tuina.

Carine graduated with Honors from the International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ottawa, she is a Registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturist of Ontario (CTCMPAO). 


Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for thousands of years. With modern research, it has been proven to be effective in improving the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific energy points on the body’s meridian lines. The most common method used to stimulate these energy points is the insertion of fine, sterile needles into the skin, which is painless.

Initial Acupuncture Consult (75 Minutes)

For first time acupuncture clients seeing Carine. Following sessions can vary in time depending on needs and availability.
$  125.00

Acupuncture Session (60 Minutes)

For returning clients
$  100.00

Facial Rejuvenation (75 Minutes)

The technic involves needling the face and neck with the goal of naturally reducing the signs of aging and promoting skin health.
$  125.00
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Gessica and Hong

Cosmetic Health

Gessica and Hong have a combined 25 years of nursing experience that has been developed since the day they together completed their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Over the years, they have built a strong professional relationship based on trust, communication, and deep friendship.

Their passion for beauty and desire to share it with others, has motivated them to establish Beauty Cosmetic Injectors Clinic. Gessica is attentive and has an incredible eye for details. Her biggest devotion is working in aesthetic medicine and helping others fulfil their goals and beauty needs. Hong has the precise hand-eye coordination when it comes to aesthetic procedures. She has a calming demeanour which makes her a great listener for her client’s needs

Gessica & Hong's Services:


$  $ 11/ Per Unit


$  $ 10.50/ Per Unit


$  $ 550.00/ Per 1ML


$  350.00

Gessica & Hong’s Hours:

Wed: 10AM - 3.30PM

Susan 1

Holistic Nutrition

Susan Alsembach

I firmly believe that nutrition plays a key role in your everyday wellness and health. What we eat affects almost every aspect of our general health. As a nurse and RHN, I will discuss, evaluate, and assess your nutritional status in consideration of any other health issues that you are currently managing. A properly managed diet can often help alleviate many health issues that ail us in our daily lives, such as high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and weight management problems. I believe there is not a “fits all” approach, any plan is tailored to accommodate you.

Good nutrition is not just about the food that you eat but how it fits into your lifestyle, so that you can enjoy it, without guilt or feeling that you are on a diet. Its about enjoying the foods you can eat and understanding how this affects your, health, weight and well-being in the long term.

Insurance coverage is constantly changing – more and more companies are starting to cover holistic nutritionists. Speak with your insurance provider for further details.

Susan Alsembach's Services:

Diabetes Program

Includes: Initial Consultation (60 Minutes) Follow Up Appointment (30 Minutes) and 7 weekly 15 minute coaching sessions. Meal plans and recipe books provided as well as educational material to help you better understand and manage your diabetes.
$  400.00

Weight Management Program

Includes: Initial consultation (60 Minutes) Follow Up Appointment (30 Minutes) and 3 weekly or bi/weekly coaching sessions. Meal plans and recipe books provided as well as educational material. Ideal for those suffering from digestive issues/bloating and/or weight management.
$  260.00

Monthly Weight Management Package

Includes: 2 x 15 Minutes coaching sessions and recipe books or meal plans. Ideal for long term support & accountability. A strong focus on lifestyle & nutritional changes to help you live life to the full without being on a diet.
$  110.00

Personal Grocery Tour

Please contact Susan for more information.

Susan Alsembach’s Hours:

Mon: 10 AM - 4PM
Tues: 10 AM - 4PM
Wed: 10 AM - 4PM
Thurs: 10 AM - 4PM
Fri: 10 AM - 4PM 

Claudine Smith

Registered Social Worker

Claudine Smith, BSW

Claudine has been working with children and families for over a decade in many different roles, as a child protection worker, an advocate for new nursing moms, a crisis management worker with teenagers and their families as well as a parenting support counsellor. Claudine mostly tends to draw from the person-centred approach when in a therapeutic relationship with clients. This means that she makes consistent efforts to meet each client "where they are" and to serve as a catalyst to each individual who is progressing through their unique process of self-discovery and self-identification.

Claudine specialize in family dynamics, parenting and teen counselling and is experienced with grief counselling as well as individual counselling. She offers bilingual services.

Insurance receipts are provided. Please speak with your insurance provider for coverage & further details. 

Individual Consultation (60 Minutes)

$  150.00

Family Consultation (60 Minutes)

$  150.00

Claudine Smith’s Hours:

Mon: 2PM - 6PM

Tues: 2PM - 6PM

Wed: 2PM - 6PM

Thurs: 2PM - 6PM


Reflexology is a natural therapeutic method based on principle that there are reflexes in the body that map to other parts, glands & organs of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes by using specific hand & finger techniques, reflexology therapy can: relieve tension within the body; restore & maintain the body’s natural balance; improve blood circulation in the body ,such as, hand & feet, and support the body’s effort to function optimally.

Helen Nowakowski - Registered Reflexologist

In 2000, while posted in the military and stationed in Ottawa, Helen decided to pursue a career in helping others how to find effective healing modalities/skills to reach optimal health. She started this path in 2009, when she graduated with honors as a Natural Health Practitioner from the International Academy of Health Sciences in Ottawa; where she obtained a certificate in Reflexology for feet/hands/face; as well as Aromatherapy and in 2013, she has also obtained her certification as a Registered Foot and Hand Reflexologist with RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada). Since then Helen has gone on to obtain her diploma as a Hot Stone Therapy Practitioner and her Indian Head Massage Diploma. Helen is a registered member with the Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage since 2020.

Helen is passionate about helping and supporting her clients in finding relief and relaxation from the stresses of daily life, through these various non invasive therapy techniques.  

Insurance coverage is constantly changing – more companies are starting to cover reflexology claims from Registered Reflexologists . Speak with your insurance provider for coverage & further details. 

Helen Nowakowski 2

Reflexology Services

Foot & Hand Reflexology (90 Minutes of which 60 Minutes Feet, 30 Minutes Hands or vice versa).

Includes foot & hand inspection, explanation of treatment. Includes foot or hand scrub/hot towels/mini massage.
$  148.00

Foot Reflexology (90 Minutes includes 45 Minutes Indian Head & Shoulder Massage).

Introduction to Reflexology. Includes foot inspection & explanation of treatment. Introduction to Indie Head Massage includes neck/shoulders/head. Blend of essential oils.
$  138.00

Foot Reflexology (45 Minutes)

Introduction to reflexology. Includes foot inspection & explanation of treatment.
$  55.00

Hand Reflexology (30 Minutes)

Introduction to reflexology. Includes hand inspection & explanation of treatment.
$  46.00

Raindrop Therapy Session - back or feet (30 Minutes).

Specific blends of oils applied to either feet or back, or massage techniques to back.
$  55.99

Raindrop Therapy Session - feet & back (60 Minutes).

See Raindrop description (30 Minutes) . Includes Aromatherapy massage treatment. Helps to rejuvenate the body & mind.
$  125.99

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) - hands or feet (50 minutes).

Is used to reduce swelling or inflammation due to cancer, edema or arthritis.
$  75.00

Helen Nowakowski's Hours:

Tues: 5PM - 9PM

Wed: 5PM - 9PM (biweekly)
Fri: 5PM - 9PM
Sat: 10AM - 4PM

Deluxe Indian Head & Shoulder Massage (90 minutes - includes face & arms).

See Indian Head & Shoulder Massage (60 Minutes). Face & arms are included for full body treatment experience. Wonderful way to pamper your mind, body & spirit.
$  140.00

Indian Heat & Shoulder Massage (60 Minutes).

Ayurvedic massage treatment. Blend of essential oils. Variety of techniques used including acupressure points to treat head, neck & shoulders.
$  107.00

Foot reflexology w/Hot Stone Therapy (60 minutes).

See foot reflexology (60 Minutes) description. Includes hot stones applied to feet. Creates relaxation & decreases stress.
$  138.00

Foot Reflexology (60 Minutes)

Includes foot inspection/health history review & explanation of treatment. Includes foot scrub/hot towels/mini massage.
$  128.00

Hand Reflexology (60 Minutes)

Includes hand inspection /health history review & explanation of treatment. Includes hand scrub/hot towels/mini massage.
$  88.00

Hand Reflexology w/Hot Stone Therapy (60 Minutes).

See hand reflexology (60 Minutes). Includes hot stones applied to hands. Creates relaxation & decreases stress.
$  98.00

Reflexology session with RLD - hands or feet (75 minutes).

Helps to reduce lymph build up which causes swelling or edema in body.
$  90.00
zoey profile


Psychotherapy is a mental health treatment used to help clients with a variety of issues including mental health concerns, hard emotions, or tough life spots. In psychotherapy, you will talk about your emotions, feelings, memories, and what you are going through. Through the use of various techniques, a psychotherapist will help you process whatever it is that you are going through and work towards your therapeutic goals.

Types Of Therapy

Zoey takes an eclectic approach, which means she combines techniques to best suit her client’s needs. Some of her go-to therapy modalities include Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, and Person-Centered Therapy.

Focusing-Oriented Therapy is a body-based therapy that understands feelings and emotions as full-body processes. In Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Zoey uses grounding techniques to help clients understand their body sensations and how they are linked to emotions and memories.

Polyvagal Theory looks at the nervous system to help explain and understand emotions, feelings, and responses to what is going on in your life.

Person-Centered Therapy is a type of talk therapy where the therapist follows the client’s lead to understand what they are going through and what they want to work on in therapy. Key factors in a person-centered approach include approaching the client with non-judgment, empathy, and seeing the client as the expert on their own life.


Zoey Wilton

Zoey has worked within the mental health field for over six years. Through her experience, she has adopted a holistic, person-centered approach to therapy. This means she will work with you to explore the thoughts, feelings, and memories associated with what you are going through, along with the accompanying bodily sensations. As you continue to work together, Zoey will tailor her approach to meet your therapeutic needs and goals. She works with many client issues and has a special interest in chronic pain, anxiety, stress and life transitions.

Therapy and Counselling (60 Minutes)

$  145.00

Zoey Wilton's Hours:

Mon : 9 AM - 3 PM
Tues : 12 PM - 6 PM


Reiki is an awareness of the unseen energy that flows through all living things and directly affect the quality of a person's health and has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. Reiki, sometimes referred to as the “laying on of hands” is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and self-healing. Universal life force energy, (the “ki” in Reiki which is also known as “chi” or “prana”), passes through the hands of the practitioner to the person laying comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table.

When your life energy is low, it is more difficult to deal with stress, you may not sleep as well, making you more susceptible to illness. A strong life energy allows us to deal with stress more easily and we are less likely to become ill. Reiki is a technique that increases a person's supply of life energy.

During a session Angel will place her hands on or above the head, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs and feet, depending on the need of the client. This is a non-invasive technique where no pressure is applied to the body and tissue is not manipulated, making it safe for all ages and conditions. Many people report sensing a wonderful warmth and radiance that surrounds and fills them with feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being.

Reiki is simple, natural, safe and can be used by everyone. It is holistic in that it treats the whole person. And since Reiki stimulates and supports the body’s own healing processes, it works very well as a compliment or support to other medical or therapeutic techniques. (Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment but rather as a compliment to it).

Angel profile

Angel D'Aoust

Angel D’Aoust is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher through the International Centre for Reiki Training. Although she has been practicing professionally for over 10 years, her journey with Reiki began over 25 years ago when she received her very first attunement (1996).

Since then, Angel has undergone numerous trainings and certifications in various types of Reiki, energy work and modalities.

Angel has the unique ability to bridge the gap between “spirituality” and everyday life, specializing in creating self-awareness, personal empowerment, and self-healing. Her practical approach and ability to perceive energy frequencies means that each session is tailored to what is required in the present moment, helping you to re-connect to your essence and joy.

Reiki Session (60 Minutes)

$  90.00

Angel D'Aoust's Hours:

Thurs :11 AM - 7 PM

Registered Massage Therapy

Our award-winning Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) put your muscles at ease with massages designed to reduce tension and soothe sore muscles and tight spots while increasing blood circulation and tissue metabolism. Each massage treatment is customized based on your individual needs and requests.

Please note that our Registered Massage Therapists do provide receipts for insurance coverage. If you’re booking a couple’s massage, please call to make your reservation (both RMT and esthetician couple’s massage).

90-Minute Massage (RMT)

$  135.00

75-Minute Massage (RMT)

$  120.00

60-Minute Massage (RMT)

$  102.00

45-Minute Massage (RMT)

$  79.00

30-Minute Massage (RMT)

$  65.00

Sports Massage

75-Minute Sports Massage (RMT)

$  125.00

45-Minute Sports Massage (RMT)

$  80.00

Couple’s Massage

60-Minute Couple’s Massage (2 RMTs)

$  204.00

60-Minute Couple’s Massage (1 RMT and 1 Esthetician)

$  190.00

Warm Bamboo Massage

90-Minute Warm Bamboo Massage (RMT)

$  144.00

75-Minute Warm Bamboo Massage (RMT)

$  134.00

60-Minute Warm Bamboo Massage (RMT)

$  115.00
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Pregnancy Massage

60-Minute Pregnancy Massage (RMT)

$  110.00

45-Minute Pregnancy Massage (RMT)

$  80.00

Hot Stone Massage

90-Minute Hot Stone Massage (RMT)

$  149.00

75-Minute Hot Stone Massage (RMT)

$  139.00

60-Minute Hot Stone Massage (RMT)

$  120.00

60-Minute Couple’s Hot Stone Massage (2 RMTs)

$  230.00

Aromatherapy Massage

90-Minute Aromatherapy Massage (RMT)

$  144.00

75-Minute Aromatherapy Massage (RMT)

$  134.00

60-Minute Aromatherapy Massage (RMT)

$  115.00

Indie Head Massage

45-Minute Indie Head Massage (RMT)

$  89.00

30-Minute Indie Head Massage (RMT)

$  75.00

Asthma Massage

60-Minute Asthma Massage (RMT)

$  107.00

Foot Treatment

30-Minute Foot Treatment (RMT)

$  65.00