Top Shelf Products Start From the Ground Up

Top Shelf Products Start From the Ground Up

The Essential Oils used in Raindrop Technique at Ezcape Spa and Wellness are therapeutic grade top-shelf oils. Literally, you’ll find these essential oils on the top shelf in our wellness side display case. However, top-shelf also means highest-quality.

Restaurants and bars normally carry top-shelf products. They are the ones that the bartender needs to reach up to get the bottle. This differs from the regular House brand liquors and wine. The value is reflected in the price per serving. Most people appreciate and revere each drop as their beverage is sipped. Ask any connoisseur. Another example, is simulated Vanilla Extract for baking which tastes like vanilla but it’s not real. It’s inexpensive but it’s fake. Real vanilla extract will always cost more money. Since this extract is made from Orchids, it makes sense why the cost is higher.

There are many top-shelf essential oil companies. Some are even small local producers. Raindrop Technique is synonymous with Young Living essential oils. They are organic and have been approved by Health Canada. These oils have Natural Health Product and Lot numbers. Furthermore, Young Living is diligent with regard to performing several quality control tests, along with being GMO-certified.

Pure doesn’t always mean purity. Many essential oils are incorrectly distilled at temperatures that don’t offer the best therapeutic benefits or they are “doctored” with simulated enhancers or mixed with synthetics. The key to knowing if your essential oil is top-shelf is to be better educated on this topic.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living was a farmer and visionary at heart. He also developed Raindrop Technique over 20 years ago. At Ezcape Spa and Wellness for under $50.00 you can receive 40-50 drops of top-shelf essential oils along with 30 minutes of foot Raindrop Technique application that supports relaxation and wellness.

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