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Esthetician Massages

De-stress and unwind with a relaxing massage. Our estheticians use proven techniques to trigger changes in the brain’s chemistry and decrease the amount of stress hormones in the body. You’ll be left feeling completely relaxed and rested, and enjoy reduced stress and an improved mood for hours afterwards. A calming pleasure for the mind, body and soul.

Please note that insurance receipts are not provided for esthetician massages. You may also be interested in our Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) services.

Esthetician Massages

Foot Treatment (30 minutes) 37.99
Esthetician Massage (30 minutes) 53.99
Esthetician Massage (45 minutes) 59.99
Esthetician Massage (60 minutes) 79.99
Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes) 92.99
Couple's Massage (60 minutes, 2 estheticians) 159.99
Couple’s Massage (60 minutes, 1 esthetician and 1 RMT) 169.99

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