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Hormone Imbalances & Autoimmunity

A growing body of published research suggests the role of adrenal androgens in the onset and development of autoimmunity. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and dehydroepiandrosterone-sulphate (DHEAS)—the major androgen products of the adrenal gland—have immunosuppressive effect. It is, thereby, no surprise that lower levels of DHEA and DHEAS have been observed in most autoimmune diseases. As androgens, DHEA [ read more » ]

Is Text Neck Damaging Posture?

Did you know that TEXTING can lead to neck pain? As you read this blog pay attention to your posture right now. Are you looking at your phone with a hunched back and rounded shoulders? Or maybe curled up on a couch with you iPad? Or maybe at work on a computer that is not [ read more » ]

Gut Bacteria Change Threshold of Immune Activation in Arthritis

A new NIAID study explains how naturally occurring gut bacteria contribute to disease severity in a mouse model of arthritis. Understanding how gut microbes regulate immune cells will help researchers identify how autoimmune disorders like arthritis develop. The study appears in the June 27, 2013, online issue of Immunity. Background Autoimmune disorders occur when the [ read more » ]

Plant & Rake Without The Ache!

This time of year yard work tasks never seem to end! Raking, lifting, digging, kneeling, and planting activities can lead to sprain and strain injuries to muscles throughout the body. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while outdoors. Stretch out before you head out. Take the time to prepare your body for [ read more » ]

Alternative Approaches to Health

Reiki is a word many people recognize—for the trend that many types of healing have become—but don’t understand. We want to change that—not just so that you don’t have to awkwardly smile and nod while your friend gushes about how their meridians have been cleared and they are feeling like a Dai Ko Myo something [ read more » ]

Could Cupping Be the Solution to Your Back Pain?

Cupping utilizes negative pressure, rather than tissue compression, for superior results in a wide array of bodywork techniques. Suction cup therapy is a traditional, time-honored treatment that remains favored by millions of people worldwide because it’s safe, comfortable and remarkable results. Why Cupping is so effective in bodywork? By creating suction and negative pressure, cupping [ read more » ]

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